Sunday, February 13, 2011


For the time, when my own spinning wheel is arriving (which shouldn't be too long, if everything goes well).
In the meanwhile, to ease the waiting, I am preparing some stuff to spin later.
This one also started in the fall spinning day, where we also dyed some merino to purple with Rita. The hot water dye-bath roughed the wool up, it would have been pretty hard to spin it. No wonder I got my eyes shiny, when I found out that a drumcarder took up temporary residence with Zsu.
But then why stop with simple carding, as I had a handful of white angora, and always loved heathery and tweedy stuff, pulled some of it in in stripes. The result is soft, light and fluffy as a cloud.
I was so satisfied with the result, that right away dug out the bag that contained lotsa different fibers in shades of blue and turqoise.There was erino, mohair locks, lama, and who knows what it it, and I threw the last bunch of angora in it for good measure.
After this I was metodically preparing for the next time. I dyed a 8-900 gramms of merino with Colombus to indigo blue. About the same amount of alpacca with Kool Aid. The result was lighter than I expected, I think it could be called "Aqua".
And then added some really bright turqoise angora, and some blue angelina, just to have a bit shine.
Lastly I used up a bunch of stuff I bought before I knew what I was doing...Started of two bags of loose merino and seacell fibers. One of them was dark purple, the other is navy blue. We added some lilac colored merino, and a bit of orange. Then just a tiny bit of sun yellow, just for the fun of it.(This last one was a second hand shop find years ago... I never say fiber there before or after)
I always loved those colored batts on Etsy-n... now I have my own row, sitting at the back of my living room birds on the electric cable.

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