Sunday, November 14, 2010

I should be working

Because about a hundred and some pages of translation is watching me from the edge of my desk... But for some reason my brain feels like scarmbled eggs and I have to think half an hour on words like Mean Aerodynamic Chord (Which BTW I do know from the top of my head---under normal circumstances).
Anyway here is a little beanie I knit for a collegaue of mine. The guy is pretty smart (when it comes to computers at least) and was a great help to me when I started to work in my current job. For some reason he ALWAYS wear a hat. I have no idea why, because he does have hair (I am one of the few who did see, that he indeed has a hair and look pretty cute without a hat). Anyway he is leaving out team and this was kind of my goodby/thank you for all the help present for him.

When I finished the knitting I put it on Chris's head, to see how teh shaping worked. He inmediatly claimed as his, I could only took it to the original recepient with the promise of an other one just for my boy.

But I did save it at the end and it was a succes...

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