Sunday, April 18, 2010

The attack of UFOs

I give up... I had all kinds of fun posts planned, but then my son got sick... then I caught from him. Or not, this might be my very own infection, nobody else to blame, only myself not getting rid of it fully the last time... Once again breathing is close to inpossible, not through my mouth nor through my nose... So when I was pottering around something to knit while watching some Dr Who with my sonI found all kinds of projects in progress. I always knew I am not for the simplicity, and I do not think less is more. To qoute Cassandra Danz for me "more is more".

So here is a kind of status report of what I have on the needles and spindles.

A semi-secret project, knitted for someone else almost ready. There is no agreement on who should blog about it first.

The Venezia sweater knitted from the Scottish wool. The body is don, and one sleeve needs one more repeat and cast off for the sleeve cap. Then an other sleeve and steeking, which at the moment seems very frightening.

Finally finished spiining the extra roving of the turqoise merino silk, and now I have enough for a good sized shawl.

The day the spring/summer issue of knitty came out I ordered some pure silk yarn for the summit wrap, which arrived last weekend. Really fun pattern, I always knew how to knit backwards, but this gives me the perfect time to practice my skills. Knowing how to knit english style is also handy for knitting backwards as well as for knitting fair isle.

New spinning, 100 gramms of this shetland. I hope I can spin enough for a shetland triangle.

As I advancing on the fair isle, I am dreaming of drawing/designing my own. The yarn just arrived from Scotland will be perfect for the idea I have:

With spring in the air I get the hankering of knitting some lace:

Who know why is that it is spring and summer when I feel like knitting lace? As soon as fall comes I abandon them. Just like this thing I dug out over the weekend with plans to finish it:

And of course the project I have in my bag, as a no brainer... It is a malabrigo lace bought before the time I realized that yarns with contrasting colors and lace doesn't really go toogether. I planned this for the travelling rose pattern, but they killed each other, so I had to go for something much sipler... Still it would go well with my red jacket, once I manage to finish it.

Is this crazy? (And I didn't counted for the numerous socks I have around... since I am not a sock knitter they don't count, right?).
What about you? Do you knit on only one thing at the time, or have many things around?


Anonymous said...

LOVE the purple yarn, it's gorgeous! :) And your WIPs are all looking awesome.

LOL - you already know my answer to the WIP question. I try to always keep it to one WIP at a time, though I do have that sock yarn blanket that will be an ongoing project for a long time overlapping. ;)

Isis said...

I have dozens of projects lying aroun, you know me too ! I love that Scottish yarn you got, it looks gorgeous !

Alwen said...

I have a lot of projects with the needles in them. I am trying not to start anything more until I get two big ones done!

But the new project is always so tempting.