Sunday, June 14, 2009


I love this day, and last year I was so hopeful, and over the winter it did looked like we managed to pull a small group toogether, but it is diminishing so fast... Dinara dissapeared... Kriszta is coming ever so rarely, Jenny is moving back to England in a couple of weeks, Natalia is going at the end of the summer... Soon i will be back where I started, knitting alone at home...But today was the World Wilde Knit In Public Day and however small our group is we still got toogether and went out to knit... Pictures are -as usual by now- shot by Christopher. In the cafe:

Since we had kids with us, when the wind seemed to subside we moved to the playground...(Picture by Kriszta)

And me knitting and talking at the same time... And yes I can knit without looking at it...But I've been knitting for.....shall I say it out loud...more than 35 years.

More pics at the Club's blog, link at the right side...

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Isis said...

How cosy you all look. I did not go anywhere at all on WWKIPD... so no pics from me... what is the green "thing" you are making ?