Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You knew the day would come

When knitting just wouldn't be enough... I've been thinking for a while about dyeing and spinning...
The whole thing started when in the already famous second shop had some phildar wool and silk yarn. Even if the color was absolutely eeeek (see the top middle sample below), I just couldn't leave it there now, could I??? But the color was really awful (at least for me). So I thought what if i overdye it? I heard about Kool Aid dying. Now, one again there is something that is not available here, but there are different drink-powders (tasting equally awful-LOL), so I tried the one called Bolero. I tested two colors, "red grape" and "mandarine". You can see the results of the test here. In the top row there are the original strands a 70%-30% natural colored sock-yarn, the wool silk mix, and a natural pure wool. The last gave the most saturated colors, but I really love how the silk-wool got a bit of rusty shade (maybe because I started with colored yarn), which is so very "me":

And then the next adventure... this was in my mail last Friday:

Yes, I cave in and got a drop-spindle and some wool... And then the next day on the "Fair of the Museums"I found a man who sold roughly spun and dyed yarn and also some wool. Some of it was bought by someone who felts, but he also had balls of Australian merino rowing. It only reinforced me, that indeed I should try spinning.

Yes that is dark orange and dark red wool is in the background. And guess what? This merino I bought for... much less than the one that came with the spindle is, just so soft, much softer than the other one.

Interestingly enough Christopher got very interested, and wouldn't let me alone until I try and show him how it is done (yeah, I wish I would know, how to do it... well, these kids think we know everything right?, I couldn't shake his beliefs in his mommy, could I?). So here is my very first try:

Then my second:

Yes I know... It is so uneven, and way overtwisted. I have a very long way to learn, and it is difficult because I can't just go and have someone to teach me...

And just to have some success I tried plying. I had this very thin yarn (again from the thrift store), which in itself was too thin even for lace. I've been thinking I could use it better if it would be plied, and the spindle was just perfect


ritarenata said...

oh, if you continue like this it will make you addicted, so better stop.

peony said...

I am addicted to knitting/crocheting already... How can I stop now with all that lovely wool there?

KnittyKitty said...

These yarns look sooo soft, I just want to bite into them! Great job on the spinning and dying! Though, now I wanna try it too! >_<

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you finally gave in?! It's looking great! And I totally love your dying results!! They look gorgeous!

Teal Sky said...

Oh. my. word. You are amazing! I have a spindle, I can't use it to save my life! It's a wheel for me. But this is gorgeous work! Clearly, your fiber gene is rising to the top, again.

And the dying is awesome also. Isn't it fun to experiment? lovely results.